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Add To Cart1070AR15 COMPLETE LOWER PARTS KITS by Anderson ManufacturingAR15 Complete Parts Kit manufactured by Anderson Mfg. As you may or may not know Anderson makes a large amount of lower receivers and AR15 assembled rifles. They are all known as decent rifles and receivers. As far as kits go this a kit you can trust to fit correctly and function fine manufactured by a reputable manufacturer. Contains all fire control parts and pistol grip. All parts needed to build a strip lower. Contains 30 pieces per kit. $59
Add To Cart143AK 47 Sight Adjustment ToolAK47 & AK74 Sight Adjustment Tool. Moves up and down and side to side. A great tool to have. $16
Add To Cart302Grip Pod For any RailWe have sold the US Mfg ones before and they were awesome. However, they sold for $100.00 here and more elsewhere. We have looked at 4 different Asian Knockoffs and chose this one. The quality on this unit was superior to the others so that's the unit we decided to sell. Like the US mfg this one has the steel inserts and snaps hard and locks solid. These are great as they give you a handle to hold and a button you press and you have an instant bi-pod (works like a switchblade) and a stand to leave a rifle to balance on. $35