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Add To Cart398 BX-25 Ruger 10/22 Factory 25 Round Magazine Ruger 10/22 BX-25 25 Round 22 cal Magazine made for the Ruger 10/22 and other firearms that take that magazine like a Tec 22 etc.... Forget about RamLine, Butler Creek, Eagle Etc.... These work all the time. It has steel feed lips and built to the quality & reliability of the original 10 round factory magazines. It costs a few dollars more than aftermarket mags BUT these will work. $35
Add To Cart1015Gong Target: The Ultimate 500-1000 Yard TargetWe realize a lot of our customers across this great nation are living on large rural pieces of property. These targets are great for those applications. The designers have thought of everything with this target that's designed to give you years of service if not a lifetime. You get an adjustable metal saw horse that holds the large AR 500 Plate so high caliber rifle rounds will not hurt it. The Straps holding it are made out of Kevlar. Could be replaced with chain if and when they wear out. Has a flag that mounts up top for windage alert. Also has a magnetic stencil that is die cut so with a spray paint can (one can included) you can spray on the target rings over and over again as needed. You can hear that AR500 plate ring at 1000 yards.Trust us on this one. You will love this target after you make the investment. For under $300.00 to your door you really are purchasing a target you will love. $280
Add To Cart22 KCI -100 Rd. 556 MagAR15 KCI 100rd DRUM 5.56 223 AR-15 Identical to the BETA Mag. MFG in Korea By KCI who has been making quality magazines for over 25 years These work flawlessly and tested with Steel & Brass Cases. Comes with pouch, loader and mag. CLEAR BACK COVER. Full 1 Year Warranty. $150