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Add To Cart453 BX-25x2 Ruger 10/22 Factory 25rd Two Coupled 25 Rd magazine 50rd Capacity Ruger 10/22 BX-25x2. Here is the most reliable factory Ruger magazine for the 10/22. Same quality as the single 25 rounder we sell. However, these have 2 built into one, jungle clipped together. Stainless Steel feed lips and you get 2 of these reliable magazines coupled together. Comes with rubber dust cover for the magazine that's on deck. This gives your 10/22 50 reliable rounds ready to shoot. $54
Add To Cart483Fake Suppressor for AR15 / M4 1/2/28 thread sizeThis is a cool item for an AR15 / M16. You remove your flash suppressor. Slip this on and it goes over the front of your barrel the threads start at the end and it screws on giving your AR the look of a short barrelled rifle with a suppressor. It actually does not lower the sound but sure looks real good. Also does not add any length to your rifle either. Part of the cool factor $30
Add To Cart302Grip Pod For any RailWe have sold the US Mfg ones before and they were awesome. However, they sold for $100.00 here and more elsewhere. We have looked at 4 different Asian Knockoffs and chose this one. The quality on this unit was superior to the others so that's the unit we decided to sell. Like the US mfg this one has the steel inserts and snaps hard and locks solid. These are great as they give you a handle to hold and a button you press and you have an instant bi-pod (works like a switchblade) and a stand to leave a rifle to balance on. $35