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Add To Cart489AR15 or M16 Completed Bolt Carrier Group Brand New Hard ChromeBrand New AR15 or M16 Bolt Carrier Groups. Complete. Just Drop in. (Please Specify in user notes if you want specifically an AR15 Bolt Carrier) Otherwise order will default to an M16 carrier as they are legal to use in an AR15 & work identical. These are completely made in Phoenix, Arizona by Young Manufacturing. They are hard chrome finished and quality is superb. $195
Add To Cart91M13 Links 1000 Never Fired M60 Links M13 LINKS Never fired. Were delinked off a press from U.S. Lake City military belts. For the minigun, M60. You get a box of 1000 links. $35
Add To Cart216 LULA 5.56 Bench LoaderHeavy -Duty Industrial 30 round magazine loader. Absolutely hands down the fastest and easiest way to load AR15 / M16 Magazines. This is for the person who wants the best and will pay for it or Ranges Gun Rental Ranges etc. Effortlessly loads magazines in 30 seconds time. Imported from Israel manufactured by Lula and of extreme quality. You wont find this many places and if you do it will-not be cheaper $440