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Add To Cart526AR15 Pistol Tube Assembly. Complete to build an AR Pistol Have a lower AR receiver you want to build up into a pistol? This complete tube assembly goes on the back of your receiver and you can put any size AR15 barrel from 7.5'' short barrel to whatever you like. Legally you must start with a receiver and not a rifle. A rifle was sold as a rifle and that is how it is federally recorded. If you start with a receiver it was never registered so you legally can build it up as a pistol. No Tax Stamp Required. This tube assembly with chrome spring and buffer are of high quality and manufactured here in the U.S. $66
Add To Cart1022AR15/M16 100 Stripper Clips with 2 loadersGI Stripper Clips for 223 /5.56 ammo. You get 100 Stripper Clips & 2 speed Guide load adapters. This is great to load your boxed or loose ammo in and pack in a can. Then you are ready to go when heading out to shoot. $15
Add To Cart22 KCI -100 Rd. 556 MagAR15 KCI 100rd DRUM 5.56 223 AR-15 Identical to the BETA Mag. MFG in Korea By KCI who has been making quality magazines for over 25 years These work flawlessly and tested with Steel & Brass Cases. Comes with pouch, loader and mag. CLEAR BACK COVER. Full 1 Year Warranty. $150