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Add To Cart534AR15 / M16 Magpul PMAG M3 40 Round Magazine Price for 3 MagazinesNEW: Magpul AR15 / M16 M3 40 Round Magazines. You are buying 3 magazines for $70.00 breaks down to $23.33 each. $80
Add To Cart22 KCI -100 Rd. 556 MagAR15 KCI 100rd DRUM 5.56 223 AR-15 Identical to the BETA Mag. MFG in Korea By KCI who has been making quality magazines for over 25 years These work flawlessly and tested with Steel & Brass Cases. Comes with pouch, loader and mag. CLEAR BACK COVER. Full 1 Year Warranty. $150
Add To Cart1069AK-47 75 Round Drum Magazine with Clear Back Mfg by KCIAK47 Drum Magazines. These are also Mfg. by KCI in Korea. It is the wind up style just like the original Chinese design that was banned from importation back in 1994. These just came in stock and what sets these apart is they have a clear window in the back so you can see your rounds. Sample of brass and steel rounds in picture $85