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Add To Cart382AK47 Yugo Bolt Hold Open M70 30 Rd Mags 3 MagazinesAk 47 Yugo Magazines. They are military surplus in excellent condition. Most are in cosmoline still. These are the magazines that keep the bolt back after your last round is fired. You will receive 3 magazines per order. $81
Add To Cart350 MAGPUL P Mag GEN 3 AR/M4 et al with windows (4 Magazines per order)Magpul Gen 3 30 round magazine with windows. These mags will fit the M16/ AR15 /M4/ HK416/ FN Scar/ MK16/16S/SA-80/M27 (IAR) You will get 4 magazines per order ea also comes with removable dust covers. $83
Add To Cart10445.56/223 P Mags 30 Rd Gen 2 Fol Green 5 Magazines5.56 / 223 PMags in Foliage Green. They are Gen 2 30 round magazines. You will get 5 magazines with each order. $73