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Add To Cart526AR15 Pistol Tube Assembly. Complete to build an AR Pistol Have a lower AR receiver you want to build up into a pistol? This complete tube assembly goes on the back of your receiver and you can put any size AR15 barrel from 7.5'' short barrel to whatever you like. Legally you must start with a receiver and not a rifle. A rifle was sold as a rifle and that is how it is federally recorded. If you start with a receiver it was never registered so you legally can build it up as a pistol. No Tax Stamp Required. This tube assembly with chrome spring and buffer are of high quality and manufactured here in the U.S. $66
Add To Cart45150 BMG Assisted opening KnifeThese are real cool. They open just like a switch blade . They look just like a 50BMG round and press the button and out comes the blade. We left the shipping low so you can buy a bunch as these make the coolest steak knifes to do your table setting with. $14
Add To Cart606Trijicon Night Sights SG01 for Sig 225, 226, 228. 600448Trijicon night sites front and rear for a Sig P225, P226, P228. 600448 (SG01). Filled with pressurized tritium gas, lamps glow bright at night. Mfg 2013. These are lifetime guaranteed and the lamps are guaranteed for 12 years. Free Shipping!! $90