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Add To Cart691Magpul Gen 3 5.56 (223) 30 Rd no windows 5 MagazinesMagpul Gen 3 30 round magazine without windows. These mags will fit the M16/ AR15 /M4/ HK416/ FN Scar/ MK16/16S/SA-80/M27 (IAR) You will get 5 magazines per order. Each also comes with removable dust covers. Comes out to $17.00 Ea. $95
Add To Cart829Handcuffs MFG. by Smith & Wesson model 100These are Smith & Wesson Law Enforcement Grade Model 100 Hand Cuffs that are used in very good to excellent shape. We received a large quantity and we are going to blow them out for only $10.00 each making it an easy impulse buy. You just never know when a pair can come in handy. May even enhance your sex life. Each pair comes with 1 universal key that fits 90% of all quality brands out there. $13
Add To Cart250AMMO CANSBasically Brand New......30 caliber ammo cans. Steel Cans. You get 4 cans. $55