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Add To Cart534AR15 / M16 Magpul PMAG M3 40 Round Magazine Price for 3 MagazinesNEW: Magpul AR15 / M16 M3 40 Round Magazines. You are buying 3 magazines for $69.00 breaks down to $23.00 each. $77
Add To Cart481AR15 / M4 Front Post Site toolAR15 / M16 A1-A4 Front Site adjustment tool. Will do all the AR platforms as 1 side has 4 prongs and the other side has 5. Between both your AR / M16 and variants front site post is covered $12
Add To Cart1022AR15/M16 100 Stripper Clips with 2 loadersGI Stripper Clips for 223 /5.56 ammo. You get 100 Stripper Clips & 2 speed Guide load adapters. This is great to load your boxed or loose ammo in and pack in a can. Then you are ready to go when heading out to shoot. $17