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Add To Cart850AR15 / M16 DSA TOMAHAWK Armorer ToolThis is a New M16 / AR15 Armorer wrench that is pretty cool. It is USA made and it is a lethal and useful Tomahawk too. Factory description below. DS Arms Z Hawk! The DS Arms Z Hawk incorporates the standard AR15 armors tools into one of the most already versatile tools on the planet, the tomahawk! The DS Arms Z Hawk enables you to perform a variety of gunsmithing actions to your AR15 rifle. AR15 based tools incorporated into the Z Hawk include the castle nut wrench, barrel nut wrench, flash hider wrench and A2 receiver extension wrench. The Z Hawk also accepts a ½ driver, has a bottle opener, base that can be used as a hammer and a lanyard loop. The Z Hawk is made from carbon heat treated steel and finished with an extremely durable powder coat finish includes protector head cover. Specs: Length- 13" Handle length- 8" Thickness- 1" Head- 5" Width- 9.5" Weight- 3.2 Lbs $70
Add To Cart859AR15/M16 30 Round Milspec Metal Magazines Mfg. by D&HAR15 / M16 30 Round Magazines. American Manufactured by D&H. Aluminum Magazine Body is Heat Treated to T6, then Hardcoat Anodized. Comes with a grey anti tilt follower. These magazines meet and exceed US Milspec Regulation. Extremely High Quality. You will get a box of 10 magazines per each order. $150
Add To Cart1050UNAMMO SUMMER TEE SHIRTOur latest Tee shirt. Back is back by popular demand. Grey shirt with United Nations Ammo Company Silk Screened on the front in GREEN with a full color direct laser print on the back. We sell the shirts right at cost and will ship with no additional shipping charge when added to any order. ($3.00 Shipping charge if you just order a shirt) We have in stock - small thru 4XL. Specify size in user notes please. $12