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Add To Cart47275 Round AK47 Romanian Drum Magazine75 Round AK47 Drum Magazines. Manufactured in Romania on the Chinese Drop in Pattern.These work well and are made very well too. Buy while price is reasonable and they are still available. $105
Add To Cart481AR15 / M4 Front Post Site toolAR15 / M16 A1-A4 Front Site adjustment tool. Will do all the AR platforms as 1 side has 4 prongs and the other side has 5. Between both your AR / M16 and variants front site post is covered $12
Add To Cart690PMags 7.62X51 (308) 25 Round with window Magazines Each order gets 3 Mags7.62X51 (308) P Mag Gen 3 With Windows. These are the newest 25 Round Magazines. Comes with impact dust cover , marking matrix Slimline Floor plate. Maglevel Windows, over- travel insertion stop. Each order will get you 3 magazines. $85