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Add To Cart850AR15 / M16 DSA TOMAHAWK Armorer ToolThis is a New M16 / AR15 Armorer wrench that is pretty cool. It is USA made and it is a lethal and useful Tomahawk too. Factory description below. DS Arms Z Hawk! The DS Arms Z Hawk incorporates the standard AR15 armors tools into one of the most already versatile tools on the planet, the tomahawk! The DS Arms Z Hawk enables you to perform a variety of gunsmithing actions to your AR15 rifle. AR15 based tools incorporated into the Z Hawk include the castle nut wrench, barrel nut wrench, flash hider wrench and A2 receiver extension wrench. The Z Hawk also accepts a ½ driver, has a bottle opener, base that can be used as a hammer and a lanyard loop. The Z Hawk is made from carbon heat treated steel and finished with an extremely durable powder coat finish includes protector head cover. Specs: Length- 13" Handle length- 8" Thickness- 1" Head- 5" Width- 9.5" Weight- 3.2 Lbs $70
Add To Cart369 AR15 Armorer wrench This wrench will allow you to do pretty much anything you need to do from adjusting or changing parts or building an AR15 or M16. Also carries a lifetime guarantee through Guntec USA. $39
Add To Cart541AR15 / M16 Armorer Wrench Mfg by TapcoTapco AR15 / M16 armorer wrench. We in Arizona have no shortage of AR15 Builders and Specialists. Being big in the ammunition business we see them often. We asked them which wrench they prefer and the answer defaulted to the TAPCO Wrench for building. It even has a bottle opener on it marked Beer. Its a little higher priced than our Guntech wrench (which works fine) but its a little stronger too. Just throwing out a 2nd option. $45