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Add To Cart7201919 Links M1 NOS unfired 1000 Links with 4 starter tabs1919 M1 Links 1000 Links NOS never cycled thru a weapon perfect condition Super Clean. Manufactured in The Netherlands in the late 60s. You will get 1000 Links with 4 starter tabs with every order. $60
Add To Cart3245.45X39 AK74 40 Round Black Polymer Magazine 3 Magazines40 Rd AK74 5.45X39 40 round magazine Polymer. Manufactured by Pro Mag. 3 magazines per order $64
Add To Cart419Ruger Mini 14 & AC 556 Speed Loader These are Speed loaders forthe Ruger Mini 14 . Loads effortlessly 5 rounds at a time and speeds up the process significantly. Definitely will take a big load off of your fingers. Basically the same loaders that come with a 100 Rd Beta Drum Mag. They are KCI mfg. Works for Ruger Mini 14 & Ruger AC 556. $10