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Add To Cart302Grip Pod For any RailWe have sold the US Mfg ones before and they were awesome. However, they sold for $100.00 here and more elsewhere. We have looked at 4 different Asian Knockoffs and chose this one. The quality on this unit was superior to the others so that's the unit we decided to sell. Like the US mfg this one has the steel inserts and snaps hard and locks solid. These are great as they give you a handle to hold and a button you press and you have an instant bi-pod (works like a switchblade) and a stand to leave a rifle to balance on. $35
Add To Cart481AR15 / M4 Front Post Site toolAr15 / M16 A1-A4 Front Site adjustment tool. Will do all the AR platforms as 1 side has 4 prongs and the other side has 5. Between both your AR / M16 and variants front site post is covered $12
Add To Cart482AR15 M16 Brass CatcherAR15 / M16 Brass Catcher. This Brass catcher has a Velcro strap that goes around the hand-guards. Fits all of the styles of hand guards / rails due to Velcro. Netting covering metal frame fits against ejection port. Catches all your brass and holds 60 / 5.56 cases. Zipper on bottom so you can empty brass without removing device. Slap another mag in and keep firing. $16