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Add To Cart398 BX-25 Ruger 10/22 Factory 25 Round Magazine Ruger 10/22 BX-25 25 Round 22 cal Magazine made for the Ruger 10/22 and other firearms that take that magazine like a Tec 22 etc.... Forget about RamLine, Butler Creek, Eagle Etc.... These work all the time. It has steel feed lips and built to the quality & reliability of the original 10 round factory magazines. It costs a few dollars more than aftermarket mags BUT these will work. $35
Add To Cart356Copper Rounds 20 / 1 ounce .999 Fine Copper Coins in a TubeThese are proof like 1 oz .999 Fine Copper Coins. Currently we have one style. Choice of Lincoln 1909 S Penny on Front or Patriot on the front holding a rifle with the American Flag with the caption "CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS". On the back they both contain the wheat stalks from an old penny and stating the coin is 1 Ounce of .999 Fine Copper. These are great to start kids collecting or stocking stuffers,challenge or good luck or just fun to collect / investment etc. The quality and look and packaging is just like Gold or Silver Rounds. Packed 20 coins to a plastic tube (Sleeve). You will get 20 bright & shiny coins in the tube. Please put in user notes which style you prefer of place half of each style. If nothing is placed in user notes it will default to our choice. $50
Add To Cart606Trijicon Night Sights SG01 for Sig 225, 226, 228. 600448Trijicon night sites front and rear for a Sig P225, P226, P228. 600448 (SG01). Filled with pressurized tritium gas, lamps glow bright at night. Mfg 2013. These are lifetime guaranteed and the lamps are guaranteed for 12 years. Free Shipping!! $90