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Add To Cart809Glock 45ACP Magazine Hi Cap... Holds 26 Rounds Fits any Glock Chambered in 45ACPHi Cap Glock Magazines Holds 26 Rounds and fit in any model Glock in 45ACP. They have metal feed lips and are manufactured by KCI in Korea who has made Glock Magazines for over 30 years. $17
Add To Cart527Bear Spray Lg Can Super Potent Designed to stop a Bear AttackThis is some very potent Defense Spray. Constructed to stop a Bear. About twice as potent as Law Enforcement Grade thats designed for Humans. Large Can 9.2 ounces with a nylon holster that fits on a belt loop. Overall length approx 8"X2" thick. Trigger glows in the dark. Fires a stream up to 35 feet. Empties in 5 seconds. So you really hose down the target. This contains a very high concentrate of Capsaicin 2.0% & Related Capsaicinoids. Great for Camping Hunting Fishing Hiking Biking and Excellent protection in a vehicle. Manufactured by Sabre so you know the quality is there. Please only order if legal for you to possess in your area. $60
Add To Cart690PMags 7.62X51 (308) 25 Round with window Magazines Each order gets 3 Mags7.62X51 (308) P Mag Gen 3 With Windows. These are the newest 25 Round Magazines. Comes with impact dust cover , marking matrix Slimline Floor plate. Maglevel Windows, over- travel insertion stop. Each order will get you 3 magazines. $85