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Add To Cart483Fake Suppressor for AR15 / M4 1/2"x28 thread size GuntecThis is a cool item for an AR15 / M16. You remove your flash suppressor. Slip this on and it goes over the front of your barrel the threads start at the end and it screws on giving your AR the look of a short barrelled rifle with a suppressor. It actually does not lower the sound but sure looks real good. Also does not add any length to your rifle either. Part of the cool factor. Guntec brand. Measures 5 1/2" long, 1 1/4" OD, 13/16" ID. $30
Add To Cart808Glock 40 Cal High Capacity Magazines... Holds 31 Rounds Mfg. by KCIHi Cap Glock Magazines Holds 31 Rounds and fit in any model Glock in 40S&W .They have metal feed lips and are manufactured by KCI in Korea who has made Glock Magazines for over 30 years. $17
Add To Cart143AK 47 Sight Adjustment ToolAK47 & AK74 Sight Adjustment Tool. Moves up and down and side to side. A great tool to have. $16