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Add To Cart808Glock 40 Cal High Capacity Magazines... Holds 31 Rounds Mfg. by KCIHi Cap Glock Magazines Holds 31 Rounds and fit in any model Glock in 40S&W .They have metal feed lips and are manufactured by KCI in Korea who has made Glock Magazines for over 30 years. $17
Add To Cart6785 inch AR500 Steel 8 sided target. Tumbles when shot. Almost IndestructibleThese targets tumble when hit and do not need to be reset. We had these made for us out of AR500 Steel. 8, 5 inch targets. Basically indestructible and will last a lifetime of shooting. M855 and 7.62X54R steel core does not hurt it. We put a bowling pin in the picture for scale and decided to throw one of those in too as they make great targets and are very durable. You will get 1 bowling pin and 1 eight sided target. $73
Add To Cart290AK 47 30 Round Magazines Mfg by Tapco (5 Magazines)30 Rd AK47 Magazines manufactured in the US by Tapco. These run fine and are USA manufactured Polymer construction You will get 5 of them. $75